Chakras are the energies throughout the inner body that correspond to the major organs.  The Chakra energies help regulate all that is processed from organ function to immune system and emotions. 
Each Chakra has its own vibration, frequency, color, and governs specific functions, emotions and behavior.
The ultimate state is to have all the Chakras balanced but this is often not the case.  Some Chakras are over active while others are not open enough creating an imbalance.  By using natural healing crystals we can improve this imbalance. 



Higher Earth Bloodstone
Earth Smoky Quartz
Base Red Jasper
Sacral Orange Carnelion
Solar Plexus Yellow Jasper
Heart Green Aventurine
Higher Heart Rose Quartz
Throat Blue Laceagate
Brow (Third Eye) Sodalite
Crown Amethyst
Higher Crown One Labradorite
Higher Crown Two Clear Quartz
 Traditionally there are 7 Chakras, 7 crystals used for cleansing, energizing and activating.
In addition there are five master healer crystals for healing the body (Bloodstone, Mind (Clear Quartz), emotions (Rose Quartz), Spirit (Labradorite), & Environment (Smoky Quartz)


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