• Bloodstone - Strengthening health, body and immune function, mental stability, mind calming, stress relieving, reducing high blood pressure, encouragement of creativity & spirituality. 
  • Smokey Quartz - Pain reliever, strengthens back & muscles, regulating body fluids, healing alignments of the abdomen, hips & legs, beneficial to the reproductive system, nerve tissue & heart. Neutralizes negative emotions & brings emotional tranquility, induces clear insights, concentrations & helps to overcome communication difficulties. 
  • Red Jasper - Support reproductive system, sexual organs, assists detoxification of the liver, circulatory system & blood.  Balancing, calming, assertive, organizing, stimulating imagination, honesty with oneself, coping during difficult times. 
  • Orange Carnelian - Energizing in old age, stimulating metabolism, healing lower back problems, arthritis, bones & ligaments, ensures good blood supply levels. 
    Encourages positive choices, overcoming abuse, promotes acceptance of the life cycle, lifts depression, protection in a giant envy & rage, helps achieve success in career, has ability to cleanse other crystals. 
  • Yellow Jasper - Promotes tissue regeneration, stimulates the pancreas & the thymus, treating stomach disorders, stimulates the imagination, instills courage & determination, gives courage and calmness. 
  • Green Aventurine - Promotes feelings of physical well being, guards the body against infection, prevents over production of adrenaline, helps lower cholesterol, anti inflammatory, properties helps with allergies & slain conditions, soothes nausea, treats headaches & migraines.  Calms anger & irritation promotes empathy, inspires compassion, alleviating fears & anxiety, treating phobias, spiritual growth & good fortune.
  • Rose Quartz - Circulatory system removing impurities from the blood, heals lung & chest pains, supports the kidneys, alleviate vertigo, promotes fertility, soothes blisters & burns, reduces wrinkles, helpful with Parkinson, Alzheimer & dementia.  Purifies & opens your heart, teaches true meaning of love & forgiveness, heals grief, restores trust & harmony, brings deep spiritual peace.
  • Blue Lace Agate - Beneficial for conduction effecting the throat, beck, shoulders, helps reduce brain fluid imbalances, helps healing of bone fractures.  Dissolves internal tensions builds self confidence, heals inner anger, provides nurturing support, accepts sensitivity & helps express feelings, powerful healer of the mind, improves concentration.
  • Sodalite - Treats calcium deficiencies, boosts immune system, enhances self esteem, promotes emotional health & well being, supports you in standing up for your beliefs, instills idealism.
  • Amethyst - Produces pain relief, boosts & regulates production of hormones, beneficial in menopause, reduces bruising & swelling, heals lung and respiratory systems, eliminates parasites, ability to overcome addictions. Improves memory & concentration, useful for insomnia, protects against nightmares. 
  • Clear Quartz - Cleanse internal organs, beneficial to the stomach & intestinal tract, increasing secretion of the pituitary gland, reduces tissue damage.  Amplifies your thoughts, unlocks memory, removes negative thoughts, draw off emotional turmoil, restores harmony.
  • Labradorite - Pinpoints the cause of disease treat disorders of the brain & eyes, lowers blood pressure, reliever of premenstrual tension.  Banishes fear & insecurity, removes the effect of past disappointment, calms overactive mind, releases reactive depression. 




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